Why does a Business need a Commercial Electrician?

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Almost every workplace is reliant on electricity. It powers the tools of your trade, enables inter-connectivity, help keeps your premises secure and contributes to a positive work environment. As a commercial electrician, I am called upon to keep companies compliant and fully operational. Workplace Lighting Installation Whether you are developing, refitting or improving a workspace, […]

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DIY or Domestic Electrician?

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Through the dark winter months, we are reliant on interior lighting. When the lights flicker or go out, can you fix the problem, or should you call a qualified domestic electrician? As a local electrician serving Beaconsfield, I am often up in the early hours, ready to load the van and head off to homes […]

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Will Security Lighting Help to Protect my Home?

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Splashing out on gifts isn’t just a joy for the intended recipient; it is also delightfully tempting for burglars. For this reason, it’s worth considering simple steps to help protect your property this Christmas. In this article, our domestic electrician focuses on the part that security lighting can play in keeping your home safe. Lighting […]

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Are your Premises Compliant with Emergency Lighting Legislation?

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As a commercial electrician, I undertake a variety of electrical inspections, including emergency lighting testing. As a landlord or business owner, are you confident that your premises comply with emergency lighting legislation? A good level of light ensures that we can easily undertake daily activities. In the case of a power cut, emergency lighting can […]

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Smart Home Technology Puts You in Control

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Convenience is a primary motivator in modern society. Smart home technology offers a convenient means of controlling lighting and other electrical devices at the touch of a button, all possible thanks to our smart home technology installation. Consider how the remote control has made it easier to switch channels on the television, search for programmes, […]

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Domestic V Commercial Electrician – Is There Really a Difference?

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Electricity provides us with heating, lighting and power, yet it is also a hazard. Poor electrical wiring can cause fires, electric shocks and power surges, which damage equipment. For this reason, it is important to hire a qualified electrician to carry out electrical work. Does it matter whether you select a domestic or commercial electrician? […]

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