Retail Electrical Installers – Making You Stand Out

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There’s clear evidence of the detrimental effect that online shopping has had on the UK’s High Streets. Those brands that are riding the storm are offering something special; a shopper experience that simply can’t be offered via the internet. What role does retail lighting play in enticing and influencing buyers?

Involving a Commercial Electrician in Shop Outfitting

Our eyes are naturally drawn to light, so it should be no surprise that retail lighting is a critical component in effective shop outfitting. A commercial electrician can play a valuable role in enabling your physical store to attract attention, entice people through the door, engage interest and ultimately turn browsers into buyers.

It’s all about presentation and the first stage is to consider the viewpoint of passers-by. Uniform lighting creates attractive and clearly visible window displays to ensure that your store stands out from its neighbours.

It is equally important that the entrance is well lit and inviting. This draws people in, whilst also enhancing safety.

Explore Lighting Zones in Shop Outfitting

Within the shop, retail lighting takes on four distinct roles:

Ambient Lighting

This is the general light that contributes to a warm and welcoming environment. This should work in harmony with colour schemes, music and even aromas to create an atmosphere that is in keeping with your brand.

Task Lighting

This focuses on areas that need to be well lit. Within a shop, clear visibility at the tills is a priority, even if you can process transactions on the shop floor.

Accent Lighting

This is where you start to influence what the shoppers focus on and how they move around the store. Accent lighting is essentially what sells and with the right electrical services, it’s possible to really make an impact. For example, interactive lighting and variable lighting (with settings that you can control from a mobile device) are ways to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Decorative Lighting

From lamps and fairy lights, to elaborate chandeliers, decorative lighting can be easily changed to fit in with seasonal trends.

Retail Electrical Services for Advice, Lighting Plans, Installation and Testing

If your looking for electrical services from a qualified electrician for your shop outfitting, then ADS are here for you!

ADS is a commercial electrician, with experience in shop outfitting. We can advise on the layout of lighting plans that combines all four roles. If you already have a plan in place, our electrical services will cover full and compliant installation of the plan and on-going electrical inspection and testing.

If you are looking for a trusted electrician, Watford based ADS is on hand to install and maintain lighting and electrical installation systems for retail shops in Watford, St Albans, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas. Our work is fully insured, licensed and complies with BS 7671 standards you can learn more by looking at our commercial services.

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